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Bushpig offers the following Print Design Services:

All of our designs are high quality images with a resolution of 300 dpi or more (depending on your requirements). We are very open to accommodating any custom design requests. To submit a custom design request, please email Bushpig Designs stating your individual requirements and we will get back to you.

*Please Note: Bushpig offers print design services. We are not a printing company. It is therefore essential that you find out any predefined requirements that your chosen printing company may have in terms of format, bleed margins, resolution etc. Include these requirements in your initial brief to Bushpig Design to avoid any unforseen delays.

The turn around time for our designs is three working days.

Design Format ...

We are able to produce your design in the format of your choice. Please let us know which format would be most convenient for you.
Standard formats would include: jpeg, bitmap, coreldraw file, photoshop file etc.

Design Categories ...

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Logo Design Flyer Design Advert Design
Letterhead Design Business Card Design

Design Briefs ...

Please submit the design brief for your chosen category to Bushpig Designs stating which print design option you require and including the necessary details as stated under each category. Please be as specific as possible to avoid delays in the design process.

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