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Business Card Design

Bushpig Business Card Design Services ...

Long after your initial meeting, people will remember you by your business card. It is important that your business card reflects the image you wish to portray. Bushpig is able to design a memorable business card for you. We design both one colour or full colour business cards as well as one side or double sided business cards.

The Business Card Design Process ...

Send us your 'Business Card Design Brief' including the correct dimensions needed, the format, colour considerations, margin requirements, the text and any images / logos that will need to be displayed (usually one). Also include any additional information you feel we may require to ensure that your business card is as memorable as possible.

*Bushpig offers both one colour design and full colour designs for your business card.

It is important to remember that the style chosen will ultimately affect your printing costs with one colour cards usually being cheaper than a full colour card. The printing price will also differ for one side or double sided cards.

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R 120.00*

One Side

R 190.00*

Double Sided

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