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About SEO ...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a form of online marketing which involves the process of making a website and its content highly relevant for both Search Engines and Internet Searchers alike. The aim of SEO is to help a website gain top ranking organic Search Engine Results for relevant, targeted keywords and phrases. Bushpig Designs is the Kwazulu Natal and Swaziland SEO company.

How Does This Affect My Website ?

85% of website traffic is generated from the search engines with the majority of traffic originating from a select few. In order for your website to be productive through the generation of leads and online sales, it is imperitive that Internet Searchers are able to find and view it.

The higher a website ranks in the results of a particular keyword search, the greater the chance that the site will be visited by a user. Internet users generally prefer not to click through pages and pages of search results and often do not search past page three. Therefore the position of a website's ranking in a particular keyword search is essential to directing more traffic towards the website.

One way of achieving a higher ranking is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is of little use to be ranked number one on google (or any search engine) for the actual name of your business ie: "Joe Soap Hiring Company", as users would not neccessarily be searching the web using your company name as a keyword. They would instead search under various keywords associated with your business for example "hiring companies". It would be far better to rank on the first page of google (or any search engine) for this keyword search or other related keywords that are relevant to your business.

In short :- If your company has an online presence in the form of a beautifully designed website, but doesn't have a high ranking position on the major search engines for your selected keywords and phrases, then you are ultimately losing business to your competition every single day!

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Where Does The Process Of SEO Begin ?

The process of SEO begins in the development stages of any website and incorporates details such as the selecting of your website’s domain name, the keywords and phrases targeted, the meta content used in the source code and even includes the chosen text, the layout of your pages and the insertion of any images. It is important to ensure that these initial steps are correctly implemented to avoid obstacles later down the line.

Natural SEO ...

Natural Search Engine Optimisation will improve a websites organic search ranking on all the major search engines for targeted keywords and phrases. It is important to realise that natural search engine optimization involves an ongoing process, using ethical SEO practices to improve the website's ranking over time. It is not a quick fix solution to generating traffic to your site. Many websites make use of a number of paid advertising options such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to generate immediate traffic to their site until such time as the natural rankings have been suitably established.

Bushpig SEO Services ...

At Bushpig, we offer customers natural Search Engine Optimization services. Using ethical SEO techniques, we will implement an effective, natural SEO campaign on your behalf which will include the following elements:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website On Page and Copywriting SEO
  • Link Building
  • Website Analytics

As Search Engine Optimization is an on-going endeavour, we have implemented a system of "Pay As You Go" SEO. After the initial, neccessary SEO improvements and processes have been implemented (either by choosing one of our pre-determined options or a custom designed SEO package), customers are then able to adjust their campaign according to their individual needs and budgets.

The following Packages have been developed as affordable Search Engine Optimization options:

1) The Bushpig Basic SEO Package:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Up To Four Hours Website On Page And Copywriting SEO
  • 250 Quality Directory / Links Submissions (both reciprocal and non-reciprocal)
  • 3 Months Website Analytics

R 3200.00*

2) The Bushpig Standard SEO Package:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Up To Eight Hours Website On Page And Copywriting SEO
  • 500 Quality Directory / Links Submissions (both reciprocal and non-reciprocal)
  • 6 Months Website Analytics

R 6400.00*

3) Customised Packages:

Should these SEO Options not suite your individual needs or budget, kindly email Bushpig Designs stating your individual requirements and we will gladly send you a free customised quotation.

On completion of the original SEO package, customers wanting to continue with their SEO efforts are able to top up their campaign by opting for any of the following:

Further Link Building: R120.00 ZAR / Hour.
hours pre-determined by customer.

Further Website On Page and Copywriting SEO: R120.00 ZAR / Hour.
hours pre-determined by customer.

Paid Advertising ...

If you are interested in running a Paid Advertising campaign, please contact Bushpig Designs stating your individual requirements and we will email you the details of your available options ...


Note ...

Although mainly dealing with SEO in Swaziland and Southern Africa , Bushpig Designs have also done SEO work for large companies with worldwide branches ...

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